Children of the Omo

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ETHIOPIA-10227Surma tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

The Omo River Valley is located in Southwest Ethiopia.
It has been called “the last frontier” in Africa. 

ETHIOPIA-10152Hamer tribe

ETHIOPIA-10341NF (1)Kara tribe

There are nine main tribes that occupy the Omo River Valley,
with a population of approximately 225,000 tribal peoples. 

The majority of the people living in the Omo River Valley
live without clean drinking water and without medical care.

ETHIOPIA-10060Surma tribe

It has been a privilege to go back to the Omo Valley in Ethiopia
with my friend, John Rowe, to photograph 
the work he is doing with Lale Labuko
in their mission to end the practice of mingi and to house 
shelter the mingi children who have already been rescued.

ETHIOPIA-10105Lale Labuko

Lale,  a 2013 National Geographic Emerging Explorer, 
learned about the practice of Mingi and made it his life’s
mission to end ritual infanticide in his tribe’s culture.

ETHIOPIA-10306Surma tribe

Mingi is the…

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On the topic of good work

Good work requires a lot of devoted time. Even if the area is one of your expertise.

I had to think about this, as I am undertaking (as a student) a intermediate python course online along with my friend Avinash.  Since I know the concepts well, I usually do not listen to the lectures and jump directly to exercises and quizzes. We have to a mini-project every week and I plan just enough time to complete the project.  It is not just time, but I think, I plan for just enough motivation to complete the project by deadline.

In the Pong game project, I had scored 2 points less than others peers, for whom I had given full credit. If I think, why should I score less in peer evaluation, it occurs to me that I am not patient enough with the project and I am not patient to complete it fully to everyone’s satisfaction even though I might be fully capable of doing so. Quite a realization. It will be good if I do something about it. 

ideas, books, flight

And this is aviation; I give it to the world.

- Louis Mouillard, French Inventor/Aeronaut (1834-1897)

We were on the point of abandoning our work when the book of Mouillard fell into our hands, and we continued with the results you know

- Wilbur Wright, American Inventor/Aviator (1867-1921)